Limited Edition "Melting Kumquat Burrata" from Italian restaurant "Cucina del NABUCCO" will be available at HUGE online store "HUGEst” starting from February 7 (Mon.)

Cucina del NABUCCO, Italian restaurant in Ginza that produces hand-made fresh cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta cheeses in the restaurant, will release “Melting Kumquat Burrata with Kumquat Confiture” for limited season. It will be available at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” from February 7 (Mon.), 2022.

The “Melting Seasonal Fruit Burrata” is filled with seasonal fruits in hand-made fresh Burrata cheese that we deliver every season. This winter, we introduce “Melting Kumquat Burrata with Kumquat Confiture,” made with fully mature kumquats called “Tama-tama” which are now in season.

Kumquats grown in the warm climate and sunshine of Miyazaki are glossy like the sun. Only the best kumquats are grown in greenhouses. The name of the kumquat, “Tama-tama” comes from the saying, ” Delicious kumquats are sometimes produced only by accident.”

It has almost no bitterness, its sugar content is over 16 degrees, and its diameter is over 2.8 cm. The kumquat “Tama-tama” is sweet enough as it is, but it is marinated with honey to add a gentle sweetness and aroma that goes well with cheese.

Burrata, which has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, is mozzarella cheese combined with fresh cream called “stracciatella” and thinly sliced mozzarella.
It’s filled with a lavish amount of kumquat to shape it into a cute drawstring.

When you stick your knife, the creamy fresh cheese, mozzarella, and kumquats come pouring out. The creamy cheese and the refreshing sweetness of the kumquat are a perfect match. Enjoy the juicy taste of the pulp and the unique textures of the Burrata.

The sweetness of the kumquat is further enhanced with prosciutto. Please enjoy the slight saltiness of the prosciutto, the fresh sweetness and aroma of the kumquat, and the creaminess of the burrata in one bite.

This time, we offer a special homemade kumquat confiture as a garnish.

We recommend that you add the kumquat confiture to your Burrata for an extra rich fruit flavor. It also goes well with other fresh cheeses and yogurt.


  • Cucina del NABUCCO’s passion for cheese making

Every morning, cheesemakers work hard in the NABUCCO kitchen to make homemade cheese. We use the freshest raw milk from Hida, Gifu prefecture, and carefully control the freshness and temperature of the milk every day for the best cheese.

A marriage of seasonal ingredients and burrata cheese can only be experienced at Cucina del NABUCCO.

  • Melting Kumquat Burrata with Kumquat Confiture
    1 piece / 1,400 yen (tax included), shipping not included
    2 pieces / 2,750 yen (tax included), shipping not included
    Sales Period: Monday, February 7 – Monday, February 28, 2012

Available from Monday, February 7 2022

▼ Purchase from the HUGE online store “HUGEst.


  • 「Cucina del NABUCCO」

Cucina del NABUCCO

Mikimoto Ginza 2 7F, 2-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

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