NEW OPEN! HUGE's first café is finally born! THE FRONT ROOM

HUGE’s first café business will finally be born.
The name is “THE FRONT ROOM.

The Marunouchi Building, the gateway to Marunouchi and a symbol of the city, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 6 this year.
To mark this milestone, THE FRONT ROOM will open as the new face of Marunouchi Building.
Tokyo Station, the center of Japan, attracts people from all walks of life. The FRONT ROOM is a new third place that can be used for any occasion and is relaxing for all people.

THE FRONT ROOM is a café with professionals that can only be provided by HUGE, a company that specializes in restaurants.
Our chefs, service staff, and bartenders are all professionals, providing not only style but also “the real thing” in food and drinks.

Each dish is prepared on a plate for you to enjoy in your own style.
Pasta dishes such as Casalecce and Conchiglie are prepared with short pasta that can be enjoyed with just a fork.

Baguettes and Danish pastries made with the motto of enjoying the natural flavors and ingredients developed at SHIBUichi BAKERY, which opened in Shibuya in 2017, are served as sandwiches and French toast with fresh vegetables and fruits. The shop is also available for purchase as a takeaway. They can also be purchased for take-out.

Cocktails are prepared with a generous amount of fresh seasonal fruit, which our in-house fruit and vegetable buyer purchases each morning at the Ota Market.
Coffee, one of the essential contents of the café, will be served in single beans from HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY, a roasting facility located in HUGE’s QUAYS pacific grill in Minatomirai. We will be serving single bean.

The café offers a wide variety of food contents prepared by professional staff.
Aperitivo in the pleasant evening, for work meetings, relaxing alone, or with friends.
A place that can be used in different styles at any time of the day. We will create a relaxing space for adults in Marunouchi that can be used at any time of the day and in any style.

Please look forward to HUGE’s first café, THE FRONT ROOM.

Location: Marunouchi Building 1F, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00-22:00
Sun & Holidays 9:00-21:00
Phone number: 03-6833-3810 (opening day/8/22)
Seats: 123 (83 inside/40 on terrace)
Average budget :Drink/600 yen~ Food/1,200 yen~
Follow us on Instagram and you will be entered into a drawing to win an invitation to the reception party!
Details will be announced later on THE FRONT ROOM Instagram account.

Reservations for Tuesday, September 6 and after will be accepted from Thursday, September 1.

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