Happy Father's Day Gifts from RESTAURANT DAZZLE. Gift of top-selling sweets such as Ginza Raw Chocolate Terrine and Home-roasted speciality coffee drip bag will be released at the HUGE online store "HUGEst." tomorrow at 3:00p.m.!

In 2022, Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 19! Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and is a day to make an extra-special effort to recognize and appreciate fathers’ roles in our lives.
RESTAURANT DAZZLE will be offering a special gift collection to show appreciation for your father, gift of finest sweets made by the patissiers of RESTAURANT DAZZLE and Home-roasted speciality coffee drip bags.
It will be available at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” from 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 26.

You can choose from “Ginza Raw Chocolate Terrine Kirsch-scented Griotte Cherry”,  “Raw white chocolate terrine with selected rich matcha”, and “Setouchi Shimanami Amanatsu and Earl Grey Pound Cake” as sweet gift.


“Setouchi Shimanami Amanatsu and Earl Grey Pound Cake”

”Setouchi Shimanami Amanatsu and Earl Grey Pound Cake” is baked with a luxurious mixture of Amanatsu, seasonal fruits in the dough.

The Amanatsu, grown in the full sun of Shimanami, is characterized by its refreshing sweet and sour taste and bittersweet aftertaste. We confit the whole peel of the Amanatsu with our homemade confiture and mix it with Earl Grey powder in the dough and bake it. The flavorful and moist dough, rich with almond powder and butter, has the texture of Amanatsu peel in many parts, and the bergamot-like aroma of Earl Grey softly escapes.

The refreshing sweetness and tartness of the Amanatsu peel gives way to a pleasant bitterness, and the cake is a perfect cake to be enjoyed without getting tired of it until the end. The topping is lavishly decorated with orange confiture, which goes well with Earl Grey, adding a juicy sweetness.


“Ginza Raw Chocolate Terrine Kirsch-scented Griotte Cherry”

Griotte cherries have been soaked in Kirsch, a brandy made from ripe cherries, are embedded in the chocolate terrine. The cherry’s natural sweetness and soft texture melt into the smoothness of the terrine, and the subtle aroma of kirsch and the sweet and sour juice mix in the mouth, creating a perfect marriage.

The chocolate is made with the finest couverture from the CHOCOLATE BANK. This chocolate is full of cacao fruitiness, with exotic flavors and soft acidity, and is characterized by its well-balanced cacao sweetness, bitterness, and smooth melt-in-your-mouth.

The dough is also mixed with griotte cherry puree. From the first bite, you can feel the freshness of the cacao, the aroma of kirsch blows through you, and the gentle sweetness of the griotte cherries and the richness of the chocolate leaves a lasting impression.

The freeze-dried strawberries, CHOCOLATE BANK nib chocolate, and crushed pistachios are topped and accented with texture.

The terrine is made without using any flour at all, using lavish amounts of couverture, and its melt-in-your-mouth!


 “Raw white chocolate terrine with selected rich matcha”

This is the luxurious combination of RETAURANT DAZZLE × CHOCOLATE BANK that can only be experienced at our online shop “HUGEst.”!
We have used an extensive amount of high-grade Uji matcha and combined it with the very best couverture to make a Western-style pastry, while being conscious of its original flavor, sweetness, occasional bitterness, and fresh aroma.

The combination of Japanese matcha, loved around the world, and chocolate further brings out the deep flavor of matcha. The white chocolate is made by CHOCOLATE BANK, which grows flavorable cacao on its own plantation in Colombia. The couverture, made with only natural cacao butter, melts in the mouth and has a mild cacao flavor.

No flour of any kind, so you can feel it smooth as raw chocolate! It is not only a dessert, but also a perfect match for alcohol.

“HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY” Home-roasted speciality coffee drip bag

We will deliver the Home-roasted specialty coffee drip bags of HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY, a roasting house attached to QUAYS pacific grill with DAZZLE’s sweet.

HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY roasts green coffee beans collected from five continents using a large Dutch Giesen machine every week, grinds each order, and brews each cup of coffee carefully with an optical siphon.
Two of our most popular coffees will be delivered to enjoy with the sweet.


▼Indonesia Mandheling Pollung Alfiner

Mandarin beans are roasted at a temperature of over 220℃.
In order to bring out the maximum potential of the ingredients, full city roast and deep roast are used.
Exotic, earthy flavors, firm, thick bitterness, and spicy gravity make for an irresistible finish.


Country Indonesia
Elevation 1400m〜1500m
Area   North Sumatra
Variety Aten, Tim Tim
Process Sumatra style
▼Costarica La Candelilla

Popular mild coffee at QUAYS pacific grill.

It has a bright and elegant orange flavor, a mild body, and a honey sweet aftertaste.
Costa Rica is world famous for producing high quality coffee. The Taras area, where La Candelilla Estate is located, is in the southwestern part of the Talamanca Mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The area has a very suitable climate for growing high quality coffee due to the intense difference in temperature, fertile volcanic ash soil, abundant annual rainfall of approximately 3,000 mm, and clean water.


Country Costarica
Farm La Candelilla
Elevation 1400m〜1600m
Area  Talas
Variety Caturra
Process Washed


HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY pays particular attention to “sorting,” one of the definitions of specialty coffee, in order to satisfy our customers.
Before roasting, green beans are always hand-picked to remove any flawed beans with blemishes or insects, and only the more select beans are roasted. This process prevents odors and miscellaneous tastes in the coffee and pursues a prestigious taste.

You can choose the perfect gift for the one you are gifting from our wide variety. How about making a special gift for your father, or for the one you want to show your appreciation on Father’s Day?

We would like to see smiles on their faces, so we will send a box full of appreciation to your loved ones.


▼To purchase, please visit the HUGE online store “HUGEst.”


【RESTAURANT DAZZLE】Father’s Day special gift collection

On sale : Thursday, May 26, 2022, 3:00 p.m.
Delivering date: June 18 (Sat.) or June 19 (Sun.)
How to order: HUGE online store “HUGEst.



▼Setouchi Shimanami Amanatsu and Earl Grey Pound Cake and 2 coffee drip bags: 3,400 yen
▼Ginza raw chocolate terrine with kirsch-scented griotte cherry 4,200 yen

▼Ginza Raw White Chocolate Terrine with rich Matcha and 2 coffee drip bags: 4,000 yen

*All tax included, free shipping


▼Ginza raw chocolate terrine with kirsch-scented griotte cherry

Griotte cherries, raspberries, chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, 35% cream, kirsch [15% alcohol by volume], freeze-dried strawberries, nibbed chocolate, pistachios

▼Setouchi Shimanami Amanatsu and Earl Grey pound cake
Amanatsu, Earl Grey, honey, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, almond powder, baking powder, walnuts, orange, napage

▼Ginza Raw White Chocolate Terrine with rich Matcha

Matcha, white chocolate, egg, butter, sugar, milk

[Contents]1 piece (L: 19 cm x W: 5 cm x H: 4 cm)
[Best before date] 10 days from shipping date
[Refrigerate] at 10℃ or below



MIKIMOTO GINZA2 8-9F, 2-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


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