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We are now offering a special dishes to celebrate our 9th anniversary for only 10 days!! / el caliente modern mexicano

“el caliente modern mexicano” is celebrating its 9th anniversary on April 29th.
At the gateway in Shinagawa, we have welcomed many guests every day with our fun-filled presentation, and we have enjoyed spending a good time with your delicious smiles.
To express our gratitude, we have prepared a “9th Anniversary Special Anniversary Menu” featuring tacos made with succulent meat that symbolizes modern Mexican cuisine and fruit frozen cocktails full of Latin flavor that make you want to dance, expressing the uniqueness of el Caliente. The menu is available from April 29 to May 8 for only 10 days.
We hope you enjoy an exquisite Mexican night in the festive atmosphere of the restaurant.



▼9th anniversary special anniversary menu▼

Many of our customers have always enjoyed ordering el caliente’s tacos, and to celebrate our 9th anniversary, we have created a special tacos using the succulent meat that symbolizes modern Mexican cuisine. Two types of tacos made with high quality lamb and Japanese black beef, with original salsa to express el Caliente’s unique flavor.
We hope you will enjoy this menu with a beer or original cocktail in your hand during this season when the terrace is at its best.


▼Grilled Australian lamb tacos with salsa, avocado and chimichurri

Grilled Australian lamb shoulder is cut thickly like a steak. This is a dish to be savored slowly, chewing the juiciness of the lamb and the sweetness of the high-quality fat as long as possible in your mouth.

To go with the meat as a salsa is el caliente’s special “Avocado Chimichurri,” a magic sauce that makes the meat so delicious you can’t stop eating it.
Chimichurri” is a sauce that originated in Argentina, and is found on the tables of restaurants in Central and South America, and is used in Argentina’s national dish, choripan, which is chorizo sandwiched between bread. It has now become a standard not only in Latin America but also in the United States.

The green color is made up of fresh herbs. The base is made by mixing chopped Italian parsley, coriander, mint, and garlic with lime, olive oil, and wine vinegar, to which spices are added for flavor. The countless variations that exist in different countries, regions, and families are another way to enjoy this dish.

At el caliente, we created our original “Salsa Avocado Chimichurri” with red onions, apple cider vinegar, pink pepper, and the addition of creamy avocado. The addition of avocado made the sauce milder, chunkier, and easier to toss with meat and tortillas.

This, anyway, goes great with meat. The chimichurri adds olive oil to the less fatty meat, giving it a mellow flavor. The garlic also stimulates the appetite. Even when you feel like you are almost full, the bitterness of the parsley and the refreshing acidity of the vinegar will refresh your mouth, and you fall into an “endless loop” where you feel like you can eat as much as you want. Chimichurri is truly a “magic sauce that allows you to eat as much meat as you want.


▼Wagyu Carne Asada Tacos  with Salsa Chipotle Cherry

The ichibo is slowly marinated in a marinade of lime, orange, garlic, oregano, chili powder, cumin, coriander, and jalapeno, and grilled to a crisp on the surface and moist on the inside. The freshness of the fruit and spices can be felt directly with the beef.

The sauce is made with chipotle cherries, a red salsa that has become popular in recent years.
Dried and smoked jalapeño “chipotle”, seasonal American cherries, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, onions, and butter are combined and slowly simmered to create a rich, sweet, and punchy salsa with an eye-catching bright red color.
The sweet and sour taste of American cherries adds a fruity accent to the chipotle that creates a moderately smoky spiciness, and the apple cider vinegar gives the sauce a refreshing flavor that is full of flavor. The sauce instantly elevates any meat dish and makes you want to pour it over everything.

For an easy-to-eat medium-rare ichibo, cut it into conchassee (small dice) and serve it with fresh jalapeños, microleaf topping, and chipotle cherry salsa. No matter where you eat it, you can enjoy the balance of meat, toppings, and salsa. You’ll also enjoy both crispy surface and lean taste changes of the Ichibo meat.

The lamb tacos and the Wagyu beef tacos can be ordered with a minimum order of 2 pieces each, so be sure to share them with your friends or family and make sure to try both tacos, which are our chef’s best specials.


▼Latin-inspired cocktails to be enjoyed with the special tacos▼

▼Frozen Watermelon Shots

A frozen version of the standard tequila-based cocktail, the Margarita.
This frozen margarita is made with an abundance of watermelon, which is in season from now on. The ice is also made with watermelon juice, so you can enjoy the mellow fruitiness of the watermelon all the way through.
The juicy slurp of the watermelon makes it a recommended toast.
Colorful and delicious to the eye, the watermelon frozen shot is perfect for this season!


▼Watermelon Coronarita

From Mexico! The eye-catching “Watermelon Frozen Coronarita” with its unique appearance is sure to attract the attention of everyone around you.
It is a long cocktail made with a frozen margarita and a small Corona beer coronita stuck upside down.
“How to drink it?” Drink it with a straw, and when the amount gets low, pull out the Coronita and add a little more beer for a change in taste.
The combination of the thickening of the frozen drink and the carbonation of the beer makes it an addictive!


  • el caliente modern mexicano

With the theme of “adult playfulness” inspired by New York, this space has a Mexican air.
Modern Mexican dishes such as guacamole and fajitas are served daily with a playful presentation.
The interior design mixing designs of the old and new eras is unique to Modern Mexican, which has taken root as a culture in New York. The spacious open terrace is reminiscent of a Latin American resort, and the bar lounge is a casual place to stop by and enjoy a variety of Mexican beers, mojitos and margaritas with plenty of fresh fruit juices throughout the day.

During this season of refreshing breezes, the terrace is also a great place to sit with a beer or original cocktail in hand.

el caliente modern mexicano
Atre Shinagawa 4F, 2-18-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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