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HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY, a roasting house at QUAYS pacific grill, will release drip bags of specialty coffee made from a single variety of green coffee beans at the HUGE online store "HUGEst." on April 4 (Monday)!

Drip bags of specialty coffee roasted at HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY, a roasting house attached to QUAYS pacific grill, will be released at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” starting April 4 (Mon.).

HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY, a coffee roastery at QUAYS pacific grill, roasts green coffee beans collected from five continents using a large Dutch Giesen machine every week, grinds each order, and brews each cup of coffee carefully with an optical siphon.
Two of our most popular coffees will be available in drip bag form at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” from April 4 (Mon.) for you to enjoy at home, in the office, or as a gift.


The following two types of drip coffee bags will be released.
▼Indonesia Mandheling Pollung Alfiner

Mandarin beans are roasted at a temperature of over 220℃.
In order to bring out the maximum potential of the ingredients, full city roast and deep roast are used.
After two bursts*, we open the front lid at once and take the beans to the cooling tank with a crackling sound while checking the sound, aroma, and color.
Exotic, earthy flavors, firm, thick bitterness, and spicy gravity make for an irresistible finish.

*”bursts”: The sound of the beans bursting open during the chemical reaction that occurs during the roasting process. 1blast is a very important phenomenon that should not be missed because the sound of the blasts is used to determine the roasting condition from light roasting to medium roasting.

Country Indonesia
Elevation 1400m〜1500m
Area   North Sumatra
Variety Aten, Tim Tim
Process Sumatra style


▼Costarica La Candelilla

Popular mild coffee at QUAYS pacific grill.

It has a bright and elegant orange flavor, a mild body, and a honey sweet aftertaste.
Costa Rica is world famous for producing high quality coffee. The Taras area, where La Candelilla Estate is located, is in the southwestern part of the Talamanca Mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The area has a very suitable climate for growing high quality coffee due to the intense difference in temperature, fertile volcanic ash soil, abundant annual rainfall of approximately 3,000 mm, and clean water.
Candelilla” means “firefly” in Spanish, and is so named because it can only live in clean water.
It is served as a lunch set coffee at QUAYS pacific grill, and is mild and elegant at City Roast (medium roast).

Country Costarica
Farm La Candelilla
Elevation 1400m〜1600m
Area  Talas
Variety Caturra
Process Washed


▼From seed to cup – Hand-picked and carefully sorted one by one

HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY pays particular attention to “sorting,” one of the definitions of specialty coffee, in order to satisfy our customers.
Before roasting, green beans are always hand-picked to remove any flawed beans with blemishes or insects, and only the more select beans are roasted. This process prevents odors and miscellaneous tastes in the coffee and pursues a prestigious taste.
▼Coffee powder is lavishly 15g.
Most drip bags are usually 10g, but at HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY we fill them with a generous amount of 15g, ensuring that you get up to 200cc of coffee per drip, and that you can enjoy the distinctive and wonderful flavors of the coffee bean’s region of origin.
▼How to enjoy drip coffee as recommended by a master roaster
First, enjoy the aroma of the drip bag from the moment you open it.
Steep the inside of the drip for 30 seconds with a little hot water, then pour the hot water into the drip bag in three or four pours. HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY specialty coffees are great even when cold.
We roast only beans that meet all of strict standards. Enjoy HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY coffee at home, at the office, or as a gift for the one who loves coffee. HAMMERHEAD ROASTERY special drip bags will be available at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” They are delivered in an original box with a lovely, simple logo.


▼To purchase, please visit the HUGE online store “HUGEst.”


1 piece 237 yen (tax included, shipping not included) *No box

Box of 4 972 yen (tax included, shipping not included)

Box of 10 2,160 yen (tax included, shipping not included)
Box of 15 pieces: 3,456 yen (tax included, shipping not included)

*Free shipping on purchases of 7500 yen or more (can be purchased at the same time as other HUGEst products).


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A new “gathering place for adults” where various crafts are possible. The restaurant consists of two floors in Yokohama Hammerhead, surrounded by the sea. In addition to the open-air main dining room and terrace, a beer brewery, gin distillery, and coffee roastery are also located inside the restaurant. The bar counter has a unique presence, and the coffee roastery wafts its aroma throughout the restaurant. Then, up the spiral staircase looking at the glass-walled beer brewery, you will find the gin distillery and the bar area that evokes a relaxed atmosphere. The main dining room, spread out around the open kitchen, offers a panoramic view of Minato Mirai, making diners feel as if they are dining on a ship.

▼QUAYS pacific grill
Yokohama Hammerhead 1 & 2F, 2-14-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture



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