A restaurant where our heartbeats gather,
and become local assets of everlasting quality.

In order to clearly represent our philosophy to both guests and staff, HUGE restaurant has adopted the motto, "A restaurant where our heartbeats gather." One meaning of this phrase is that we want our restaurants to be exciting for diners. Another is that we want our staff to strive to provide more refined dishes and services, never failing to fascinate our guests.

Two key components of the philosophy behind the foundation of HUGE are “restaurant to stand the test of time” and “company where employees can stay for a long time. People and companies both go through good times and times and bad. No matter the situation, however, it is important to remain stable and to push forward. "Remaining stable and pushing forward means being able to stand the test of time": This is the idea behind partnering together to create a venue that will continue to deliver excellent quality over time.” That is why, at its foundation, there is no concept of direct success or failure.

We have continued to improve together through the easy and the hard times, working to create something that will last a hundred years without fading, and have become one of the elements that make up the city. Such a restaurant is considered to have "one hundred-year quality" and to be an "asset to the city. "As the management of the company that creates one hundred-year quality and is an asset to the city, there are three critical elements related to the work environment and our interactions with employees.

The first is that there are "people who can be respected" and "people to learn from." This applies not only to knowledge and skills in the workplace but also to human nature in general. The second is a pay system that fairly rewards the amount of effort put in. Finally, the third and most important is building relationships based on mutual trust in which each person knows that they are indispensable, and the company recognizes that indispensability.

One question presented is whether you are someone who is indispensable. We believe in the importance of each person and the people around them working to find and develop their own unique strengths. If a stake is sticking out, rather than hammering it back in, we believe in seeing how far it can go. No cost should be spared in following this principle. An organization full of people who excel at their own areas is undoubtedly a better one.

A restaurant is a team, from the people baking the pizzas to the people making the pasta, the salad and the cocktails and the servers who greet guests with a smile. If any one person were to be removed, customers would not come. It is very difficult to improve skills as a team. If they can be improved, however, success is likely. Now that the employees have such a sense of enjoyment, they, together with the management and the directors, will act with belief in the power of the team.

Thanks to people continuing to gather who share a belief in our philosophies of being an asset to the city and creating one hundred-year quality, the HUGE company is growing. My thoughts being conveyed to our employees is what allows these words to truly mean something. From this point forward, I would like to bring everyone to the stage where each of us can work without compromise on improving our one best skill, whether it is the cuisine we offer or our service.

In doing so, our employees will make their restaurant into a true "restaurant where our heartbeats gather," they will keep growing to love us and stay for a long time, there will be a process that gives us a new restaurant manager, and the organization will expand and grow. I believe that is what will truly allow us to be an asset to the city and offer one hundred-year quality.


株式会社HUGE 代表取締役社長 兼 CEO 新川 義弘

Enterprise HUGE Co.,Ltd.
President / CEO

Yoshihiro Shinkawa

Born in 1963. Current president of Enterprise HUGE Co., Ltd.
Was employed at Shinjuku Tokyo Kaikan (Presently Dynac Co., Ltd.) following graduation from Fukushima Commercial High School in 1982.
Joined Hasegawajitsugyo (presently Global-Dining Inc.) in 1984.
Left in 2005 and started up Enterprise HUGE Co., Ltd.
In April 2006, opened the first restaurant "Cafe RIGOLETTO" and fine dining "RESTAURANT DAZZLE."
Expanding restaurant business mainly in the Kanto area and also in Sendai, Okinawa and Kyoto,
he opened his first restaurant oversea in Hawaii, Oahu in 2019.
In June 2020, opened three restaurant in NEWoMan YOKOHAMA and in August, opened a modern Asian restaurant "DADAÏ THAI VIETNAMESE DIMSUM" in Shibuya MIYASHITA PARK.

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