New items are now available at the HUGE online store! Cassata" is an ice cream cake perfect for summer, richly filled with ripe Miyazaki mangoes. The superb combination of ricotta cheese made with milk from Nakahora Farm and pistachios.

Cassata with Ripe Miyazaki Mango and Jersey Cow Milk” by the pastry chef of RESTAURANT DAZZLE will be available at the HUGE online store “HUGEst.” from July 19, 2022 (Tue.). This rich-tasting restaurant-made ice cream cake, made with the finest ingredients and formulas, is a suitable summer gift for mid-year and year-end gifts.


Cassata, which is rapidly gaining popularity in 2022, is a traditional iced cake from Sicily, Italy, made by creaming cheese, mixing it with fruits and nuts, and chilling and hardening it.

From RESTAURANT DAZZLE, which has been attracting fans in Ginza for 16 years, comes the ultimate cassata, the result of repeated trial and error in selecting the right ingredients and mixing the right amount of ingredients.
We have created the most luxurious cassata ever by using plenty of perfectly ripe “Miyazaki mangoes” with their rich aroma and rich sweetness, and combining them with ricotta cheese handmade from the rich raw milk of “Nakahora Farm” in Iwate Prefecture.
This rich, cool and refreshing sweet is the perfect gift for this hot and humid summer.


Mangoes ripened on the tree, bathed in love and sunshine

Miyazaki mangoes are famous for their bright appearance and meltingly rich sweetness, and are also renowned as Miyazaki Prefecture’s representative luxury fruit. Miyazaki has one of the warmest climates in Japan in terms of both sunshine hours and number of sunny days, and is characterized by harvesting mangoes that have fallen from the tree branches after they have stored plenty of sunlight and ripened to a high sugar content. This is a true gem, as the growers continue to cultivate each mango on the branch with love and care, putting a bag-like net over each mango to gently catch the fruit as it falls naturally, in pursuit of the best taste.

In addition, Miyazaki mangoes are very smooth to the palate due to the low fiber content of their pulp, and the melt-in-your-mouth texture, strong fresh orange color, and tropical, mellow aroma can be fully appreciated.



Rich, full-flavored milk from Jersey cows that spend the entire year freewheeling in the mountains

Cows at Nakahora Farm in Iwate are raised not on flat pastures, but in the mountains where there are no barns.
The cows are raised not on flat pastures, but in the mountains where there are no barns. The land is 700 to 850 meters above sea level in the Kitakami mountain range, where the terrain is gently sloping and forests spread out and many wild animals live in abundance.

Cows graze day and night in the vast mountains all year round, and are fed on wild grass and leaves grown by the sun, moon, rain, and other natural forces. The milk of cows that spend time in the great outdoors and are healthy in body and soul has a refreshing yet rich taste, and has been featured in the media.
The milk from cows raised in a leisurely, stress-free, grass-fed environment has a difference in quality that even the pastry chef at RESTAURANT DAZZLE was impressed by.


Made in Ginza ricotta cheese made under strict temperature control

Ricotta cheese is the base of the cassata’s flavor, and the cassata at RESTAURANT DAZZLE uses ricotta cheese made from the special milk of the “Nakahora Farm” Jersey cows. This cheese is also used in RESTAURANT DAZZLE’s cassata.
The cheese is handmade by artisans who have twice won gold medals at fresh cheese contests at the cheese studio in the “Cucina del NABUCCO” affiliated restaurant.

The secret to the silky, fluffy texture of ricotta cheese is to control the temperature of the milk. While the milk is slowly superheated over low heat in a pot, the artisan never leaves the area and closely monitors its condition. When the milk begins to curdle, it is scooped into a cup called a mold, where it condenses under its own weight and forms a lump of moist milk.

The fresh, milky taste is as if you are drinking milk as it is. Freshly made ricotta cheese is mixed into the cassata cream dough.


This cassata is truly sumptuous, using plenty of rich, meltingly sweet Miyazaki mangoes and rich Jersey cow milk from Nakahora Farm.

The mangoes are mixed with dried mangoes, which have concentrated sweetness, to broaden the range of flavor and allow you to enjoy the difference in texture from the fresh Miyazaki mangoes.
Accent pistachios are roasted to add more aroma and flavor.

The richness of the Miyazaki mango and pistachios stands out in the refreshing, milky sweetness, making this a dish that you will not be able to stop eating.

Half defrosted, it can be served as a cool ice cream cake.
Fully defrosted, it can be served as a fluffy mousse.
Please enjoy it in your favorite way while enjoying the change in taste.

With midsummer temperatures already in full swing, how about a cool, refreshing restaurant-made sweet to enjoy at home?
We also recommend this as a special gift to show your appreciation to your loved ones.


■Start of sales: Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 1:00 p.m.

■How to order: HUGE online store “HUGEst.

1 piece / 5,500 yen (including tax, excluding shipping)

1 piece (L 21cm x W 8cm x H 4cm), 530g

Mango, dried mango, ricotta cheese, fromage blanc, fresh cream, raspberries, pistachios, sugar, honey, eggs, gelatin

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