We are now offering a special menu to celebrate our 6th anniversary / cucina del NABUCCO

cucina del NABUCCO, an Italian restaurant in Ginza that makes handmade fresh cheese such as mozzarella and ricotta cheese in the restaurant, is celebrating its 6th anniversary on April 29.We have carved many memories with the happy smiles of our many customers.

To express our gratitude, we are now offering a special menu for a limited season only that represents NABUCCO’s unique style, using handmade fresh cheese, specially selected seasonal ingredients, and special seasonings imported from overseas.
Please enjoy blissful moments with our special dishes that express our gratitude for the past 6 years.



  • cucina del NABUCCO 6th Anniversary Special Menu

▼Passionfruit Stuffed Burrata with Jamon Serrano from Teruel

A collaboration of “Jamon de Teruel,” Spain’s highest grade white pig cured ham, and “Passionfruit Stuffed Burrata,” which has been featured in many media and is rapidly gaining popularity.

“Jamon de Teruel,” the top grade of Jamon Serrano, is cured ham in Spain that is naturally cured with the skin still on. Using only pigs that are strictly controlled by the government to protect their pedigree in terms of origin, length of rearing, weight, and mating ratio, the ham is cured for 18 months in an area at an altitude of over 800 meters.
It is characterized by its firm fatty sinew, mild saltiness, and rich flavor. You will enjoy its juicy, melt-in-your-mouth fat and rich aroma.

The “Passionfruit Stuffed Burrata” is the newest addition to NABUCCO’s seasonal “Melted Seasonal Fruit Burrata,” a lovely drawstring-shaped burrata filled with seasonal fruit.
Passion fruit with its fruity and sweet aroma is one of the most fascinating fruits during this season when tropical fruits are at their best. Passionfruit grown in the beautiful nature of Onna Village in Okinawa, where there are long hours of sunlight, are further ripened and carefully selected for their sweetness, which is a sign that wrinkles have appeared on the surface.

Along with the sweet passion fruit, we have also packed the burrata with “homemade lilikoi butter” made with a luxurious amount of passion fruit. The whole Okinawa passion fruit, including the seeds that accentuate the texture, is slowly simmered with selected Japanese butter, eggs, and organic sugar to create this premium lilikoi butter.

The moment you put the knife in, a rich sweet and sour aroma spreads throughout the room, overflowing inside with thick cream, mozzarella, and mellow pulp and seeds. The tropical, festive fruitiness, juicy sweetness and refreshing acidity of the lilikoi butter are a perfect match for the rich, milky fresh cheese.
Enjoy the texture of the petite seeds, the passion fruit that seems to melt in your mouth, and the marriage of the passion fruit and the hamon de teruelle, sliced thinly to 0.8 mm and laid out fluffy.
The sweetness of the passion fruit is enhanced by the cured ham. Please enjoy the slight saltiness of the cured ham, the fresh fruitiness and mild acidity of the passion fruit, and the creaminess of the burrata in every bite.


▼Tuna Carpaccio with Wild Rucola, Colatura and Organic Olive Oil

Natural Pacific bluefin tuna, a rare and premium ingredient, is made into carpaccio with special vegetables and seasonings.
We select and slice the fatty parts of the natural tuna, which has a strong color and concentrated richness and flavor. The fat has a sweet taste and is not cloying or heavy on the stomach. You can feel the satisfaction of eating the fillet with its concentrated flavor that only natural tuna can provide.
Served with cervachiko (arugula) imported from Niikura Farm in Nishi Tokyo City.
The vegetables from Niihira Farm, one of Tokyo’s best herb farmers, have a surprisingly rich flavor that makes you suprised from the first bite. The rich flavor and elegant bitterness of the cervatico complements the sweetness of the tuna.

Collatura is an Italian fish sauce, a delicious extract extracted from fresh anchovies that have been cured in salt. Fish sauce is well known in Asia, such as Thai fish sauce and Vietnamese gnoc mam, yet Italy also has its own traditional fish sauce. Coratula, carefully filtered and extracted, has a very pure flavor and aroma, and is a natural flavor enhancer that combines the roles of both “salt” and “dashi”. Just a little sprinkling will dramatically deepen the flavor of your dishes, and when combined with olive oil and herbs, it will make its excellent taste stand out even more.
Combined with Maldon salt and organic Italian olive oil, it creates the most luxurious carpaccio.


▼Rigatoni with Lobster and Fresh Tomatoes Trapanese Pesto and basil

Pesto Trapanese is a traditional condiment from the town of Trapani on the west coast of Sicily, a sauce made from olive oil, tomatoes, almonds, garlic, and basil in a fine paste. It is rare in Italy to find a dish that uses almonds as the main ingredient, and the reason for this is that the town of Trapani is located right next to the African continent, so the essence of Africa has been infused into the dish.

Although the sauce is mild and thick, NABUCCO increases the amount of tomatoes and basil a little more to make it refreshing to the end. Finish with plenty of homemade ricotta cheese. The large cavities of the homemade rigatoni are well absorbed by the sauce, which you can enjoy with the rich, firm-fleshed lobster in this satisfying dish.


▼Herb Grilled Hakkinton Pork with Cherry Pepper & Smoked Salt

Rather than cooking it in a fancy way, the “Hakkinton Pork” brand from Iwate is simply grilled with herbs and served with an garnish inspired by southern Italy, in order to enjoy the true flavor of the meat.

Hakkinton, also known as “Platinum Pork,” is raised on a pig farm in the Kitakami Mountains at the foot of the Ou Mountains, eating non-GMO grains such as Hanamaki-produced feed rice, and drinking natural groundwater. This natural groundwater is filtered by mineral-rich ore from Kamaishi. Enjoy the delicious flavor of the rich fat and the tender meat that can only be produced by “Hakkinton” which has been raised drinking this superb water since its birth. Juicy flavor overflows the more you bite into it.

As a garnish, we serve “Patate al Forno,” Italian-style roasted potatoes and onions that give you a direct taste of sweetness, pickled cherry peppers that look lovely, salsa verde with Italian parsley, oregano, and basil, and smoked salt.
We hope you can enjoy the taste of the Hakkinton Pork itself, and then gradually mix with the garnishes to your preference.


▼Basque Style Cheese Cake with Brown Cheese Sauce and Griotte Cherries

We serve Basque Cheesecake for dessert, which is unique to NABUCCO, which makes handmade cheeses in the restaurant.
The basque cheesecake is simply baked with plenty of cream cheese, organic sugar, eggs, flour, and cream, and topped with a special brown cheese sauce.
The brown cheese sauce is made by boiling down the whey and raw milk from making fresh cheese at NABUCCO. You can taste the salty, sticky texture like fresh caramel, the aroma and richness like peanut butter, and the mineral taste that comes after the sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar.
Enjoy NABUCCO’s unique marriage of Chef Hirukawa’s sauce with the less-sweet cheesecake and griotte cherries, while adding the acidity and sweetness of the cherries.

Passionfruit Stuffed Burrata with Jamon Serrano from Teruel – 1,800 yen
Tuna Carpaccio with Wild Rucola, Colatura and Organic Olive Oil – 1,900yen
Rigatoni with Lobster and Fresh Tomatoes Trapanese Pesto and basil – 2,000yen
Herb Grilled Hakkinton Pork with Cherry Pepper & Smoked Salt – 2,900yen
Basque Style Cheese Cake with Brown Cheese Sauce and Griotte Cherries – 800yen
*All prices are tax not included.




  • cucina del NABUCCO

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