GW Special Offer!! Official Reservation Site【The HUGE CLUB】Point Up Campaign / cucina del NABUCCO, Madam Mỹ modern thai Vietnamese

From April 28 to May 11, “cucina del NABUCCO” and “Madam Mỹ modern thai Vietnamese” in Ginza will be offering a “GW Point Up Campaign” on our official reservation site “The HUGE CLUB”.Customers who make reservations and use the restaurants through The HUGE CLUB will be granted 20% points (10% for lunch time), which is 4 times more than usual. 
▼What is The HUGE CLUB?
The HUGE CLUB is a membership point system that gives points back to customers for a part of the food and beverage bill at HUGE operated restaurants. If you make a reservation through The HUGE CLUB at one of 29 restaurants in Japan, you will receive 5% of the food and beverage bill (2% during lunch time) back in points.
The earned points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen on your next visit to our restaurant.
We hope you will join “The HUGE CLUB” where you can enjoy dining at HUGE restaurants at any time at a discount.

  • GW Special Offer!! Official Reservation Site【The HUGE CLUB】Point Up Campaign /4 times the normal points granted

We are pleased to announce that 2 restaurants in Ginza, “cucina del NABUCCO” and “Madam Mỹ modern thai Vietnamese”, which will soon celebrate their anniversary, will be offering “The HUGE CLUB Point Up Campaign” from April 28 to May 11, 2022. During this period, customers who make reservations at this 2 restaurants through “The HUGE CLUB” and use the restaurants will receive 20% points, 4 times more than usual. (10% points will be given back for those who use the restaurant before 3:00p.m. for lunch time).


The following 2 restaurants are eligible for the point-up campaign▼
cucina del NABUCCO

Celebrating its 6th anniversary on April 29, “cucina del NABUCCO” in Ginza is a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh handmade cheese and fine Italian cuisine.
It offers a lineup of cheeses, such as mozzarella and ricotta, that has won awards at cheese contests, all freshly prepared and ready to eat.
The restaurant also offers the “Melted Passion Fruit Burrata” from the Melted Seasonal Fruit Burrata series, which has been featured in numerous TV programs and is gaining popularity. This is a NABUCCO specialty, made with tropical passion fruit and homemade lilikoi butter in a cute drawstring-shaped burrata cheese.

cucina del NABUCCO
7F Mikimoto Ginza 2, Ginza 2-4-12, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

104-0061, Japan


Madam Mỹ modern thai vietnamese
Madam Mỹ, which serves “Modern Thai Vietnamese” that combines the best elements of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on May 11.

“Modern Thai Vietnamese”, a modern expression of exciting Thai and healthy Vietnamese cuisine, is offering seasonal Green special menus themed on “green grass” and “shrimp” for limited season.

Head chef has created a special menu, bringing out the unique characteristic of the restaurant using fresh herbs, which are in high season from now on, and plenty of new vegetables that are in season.


▶︎Green Grass Salad with Bratina and Arugula with Green Curry-Yogurt Sauce

A green grass salad with arugula, herbs, green tomatoes, kiwi and marmelas, topped with small burrata cheese “burratina”. A green curry and yogurt-based sauce gives the salad an exotic taste.
When the burratina is broken, it overflows with thick cream and mozzarella cheese. The rich and milky flavor adds a mild taste to the green curry and yogurt sauce.


▶︎Stir-fried soft-shell shrimp with pepper served with rice paper

Soft-shell shrimp are deep-fried to seal in the flavor, then stir-fried with fresh onions, marmelas, and other spring vegetables and black pepper for a spicy flavor.
The fragrant soft-shell shrimp is served “Hanoi style” wrapped in rice paper with plenty of herbs. By making it into a spring roll, you can taste the moist combination of the soft-shell shrimp and herbs in every bite. The sweetness of the shrimp increases as you bite into it, and the freshness of the herbs and the spiciness of the black pepper combine to create a dish with an elegant taste.


Green Pad Thai with Giant Freshwater Prawn in Green Sauce with Coriander, Basil, and Lemongrass

Voluminous and gorgeous in appearance, Giant Freshwater Prawn are plump with little shrinkage after heating, and are rich in flavor along with sweetness. In Thailand, this shrimp is used in tom yum kung, and is a perfect match for modern Asian cuisine.
We use this prawn in Pad Thai with a green sauce of coriander, basil, and lemongrass. The cool, refreshing aroma of lemongrass hits you like a shot! The rich taste of basil and the unique flavor of coriander are beautifully intertwined with the noodles and shrimp.


Madam Mỹ modern thai vietnamese

Nitta Building 1F, 8-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



▼The HUGE CLUB Point Up Campaign Overview▼

Thursday, April 28, 2022 – Wednesday, May 11, 2022

[Eligible restaurants]
cucina del NABUCCO
Madam Mỹ modern thai Vietnamese


Customers who make reservations through “The HUGE CLUB” during the campaign period.
*Reservations made through other websites, by phone, and walk-in visits are not eligible.


[Campaign Details]
During the campaign period, The HUGE CLUB points will be granted at the following rates to customers who make reservations through The HUGE CLUB at the above 2 restaurants and use the restaurants.
Reservations made before 3:00 p.m.: 10% of the food and beverage bill will be granted with points.
Reservations made after 3:15 p.m.: 20% of the food and beverage bill will be granted with points.

▼All new members who register for The HUGE CLUB will receive 500 yen worth of points. The point for new registration is limited to one time use per person.


The HUGE CLUB Official Web Site:

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