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"SOBA SUOH" has started to offer a new menu featuring homemade Karasumi Soba, horse meat from Aizu Wakamatsu with the chef's specialties!

Soba Japanese dining “SOBA SUOH” at NEWoMAN Yokohama has started offering a new spring menu from March 25 (Fri.).

SOBA SUOH offers flavorful soba noodles made from the finest domestic buckwheat flour, a selection of Japanese sake from all over Japan, and other unique dishes (soba mae). In addition to a wide variety of Soba noodles, the chef and HUGE buyers purchase the best ingredients for seasonal Tempura and a la carte dishes, which can be enjoyed with Sake.

New dishes on the menu this spring are “Yukke (horse meat) with spicy miso from Aizu Wakamatsu,” which was selected by Chef Toyoda himself, and “Homemade Karasumi Soba,” in which everything from the buckwheat flour to the soba tsuyu (soup) has been thoroughly selected.
The “Homemade Karasumi Soba” is the newest addition to the signature menu, featuring Nihachi Soba noodles made with the finest buckwheat flour and grind, and topped with a generous sprinkling of moist, homemade Karasumi.

SUOH’s soba is a thin, two-by-eight buckwheat noodle. We use the best Japanese buckwheat flour of the season. Our homemade raw buckwheat noodles are made from buckwheat flour that is as flavorful and aromatic as the Karasumi. Soba tsuyu is made with two kinds of soy sauce, Mikawa Mirin (sweet sake), which is characterized by its sharp, elegant sweetness and rich flavor, and organic sugar. We have created a soba soup that enhances the taste of soba noodles.

The home-made Karasumi, which are carefully dried and moistened over time, are sprinkled generously over the soba noodles. The combination of the strong aroma, firmness, and texture of the soba noodles and the moist Karasumi makes it a perfect match for the soba noodles. It is the most luxurious soba.

Chef Toyoda’s Specialties

Masahisa Toyoda is the master chef of SOBA SUOH. He trained for more than five years at Yabusoba, one of the 3 long-established soba restaurants, which preserves Edo-mae soba noodles, before joining HUGE. After improving his skills in Western cuisine at the Spanish-Italian restaurant “RIGOLETTO,” he became the head chef at “SOBA SUOH” because he wanted to continue to serve soba at HUGE’s restaurant. Following the style of “Yabusoba” , he grinds the buckwheat hulls from the buckwheat outside of the buckwheat seeds to create a strong aroma and a firm texture. The soup is made thicker to match the flavor of the buckwheat, but he also draws on his experience in a wide range of fields to continue experimenting with out-of-the-box buckwheat noodle making and flavors that match the times. For the soba-tsuyu (buckwheat soup), we use different blends of soup stock made from Satsuma dried bonito flakes and mackerel flakes, depending on the way of eating soba, such as dipping or warming, and we pursue the idea of removing the sharpness of soy sauce while making the soup thicker. We hope you will enjoy Chef Toyoda’s carefully selected soba noodles.

A New Way to Enjoy Horse Meat

The next new addition to the menu is “Aizu Wakamatsu Horse Meat Yukke with Spicy Miso”. Horse meat has the image of being eaten with garlic, grated ginger, and sesame oil in Kumamoto, but the horse meat from Aizu Wakamatsu is characterized by its light red meat, which is usually eaten with “spicy miso”. There is a theory that this way of eating horse meat spread naturally in the Aizu region due to the existence of a brewing culture of soy sauce and miso, but the combination of red meat and spicy miso is excellent. The spicy miso with a garlic enhances the flavor of the horse meat from Aizu Wakamatsu. The horse meat is mixed with SUOH’s original spicy miso, which is made with green chili pepper, soybean paste, and garlic, and you can enjoy it wrapped around a piece of roasted seaweed. The seaweed is placed in a paulownia wood box with charcoal to keep it crispy and aromatic until the end of the dish. This is a new way to enjoy horse meat presented by “SOBA SUOH”.

A wide variety of soba mae and a lineup of sake focused on a new generation of sake breweries

Soba mae, a wide selection of side dishes to go with alcoholic beverages, includes soba miso (a familiar dish at soba restaurants), thick pickled bamboo shoots cooked with plenty of Japanese pepper, and thickly baked dashi-maki egg that is overflowing with broth.
The sake to be served with this dish is junmai (pure rice) sake, and we have prepared a variety of sake to choose from based on the rice used to make the sake. The lineup focuses on young breweries such as Tsukinoi Sake Brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture, and offers a sharp taste with a buckwheat noodle aroma.

Homemade Kara-sumi soba noodles with salmon roe 2,420 yen (tax included)
Spicy miso yukke (horse meat) from Aizu Wakamatsu 1,540 yen (tax included)


In 2020, HUGE’s first and long-awaited soba restaurant opened in Yokohama.
The name “SUOH” refers to the deep purplish red color, and the entrance curtain is over 2 meters long and in the color of SUOH. The calligraphy of “SUOH” on the curtain is by the calligrapher Hiroko Namikawa. The dining room has an open kitchen in the center, creating a space where diners can enjoy their meals with all five senses. In addition to box seats and table seats, a private room with a kotatsu is also available. Surrounded by dignified furnishings, the private rooms have a relaxed atmosphere and can be used for all kinds of occasions, including family events such as a betrothal ceremony, a meeting between two families, or the weaning of a baby, as well as business meetings and dinners.

(Private room photo)

9F Newman Yokohama Store, 1-1-1 Minami-Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture


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