We create standards both within and


outside of Japan, to be a local asset

We expand our restaurant business by discovering what is lacking
in a neighborhood and creating unique business models.
We go beyond Japan to experience a range of food cultures around the world.
Our restaurants add the essence of the HUGE philosophy to all the elements from
the experience: the delicious authentic flavors, the atmosphere of the restaurants,
and the way they have become part of HUGE’s culture.

Under the opportunity to start our business overseas,
we have started considering of opening specialty shops such as
bakeries, meat, and grill shops. We will expand our business diversely
and aim to become a universal company created by a restaurant.

Recently, we sometimes hear the voice "This is a HUGE style restaurant." from our customers. As a company that aims to become a local asset, it is a great pleasure that HUGE’s name is used for an example of a good standard. We will continue to refine each restaurant business that is loved by neighborhood and create a lot of standards both within and outside of Japan.

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