Definition of Personal Information

The definition of personal information is any private information with respect to an individual, name, address, birth date, telephone number, facsimile number, Internet mail address, image, company name, or any individually assigned ID number, code, image or voice recording from which an individual's identity can be identified.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Under the guidelines as defined above, we may collect personal information through phone calls, business card exchanges and our website.
The collected information will solely be used to further improve our services to our customers (e.g. providing information on new restaurant openings and events).
Additionally, facial information will be collected and analyzed for further customer satisfaction.

Management of Personal Information

With respect to our internal organization, personal information of our customers will be strictly controlled under the oversight of a designated manager of responsibility, who will conduct reliable prevention of and protection from leakage, misappropriation, alteration, and destruction, among others.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information

Under no circumstances will we, without valid reason, disclose or provide to third parties personal information of our customers under our care without the consent of such customers. In the event of information being disclosed to third parties, such disclosure will be based strictly under contract so as to protect against leakage, misappropriation, alteration or destruction caused by such third parties.
However, these restrictions do not apply in the event that disclosure is necessitated by law.


With respect to the accuracy of the various pieces of information provided on our website, there may be instances of inaccurate or misprinted entries despite our efforts to the contrary. Any form of information may be subject to change or updating without notice, and we do not provide full guarantee with respect to damages caused by such changes and updates. Additionally, we bear no responsibility in connection to the standards of private information management conducted at other websites to which we provide links on our website. Furthermore, notice of any and all changes or revisions to our privacy policy will be promptly posted, to the greatest extent possible, on our website for public reading. While this site can be accessed from both within Japan and from overseas, access by our customers and our company will thereby be regarded as agreement with the above privacy policy, and to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of Metropolitan Tokyo.


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