Our food Philosophy


All carefully cooked with Natural ingredients.
No Processed ingredients anyhwere.

Creating a more attractive menu
that brings out the true flavors of ingredients,
and more gentle to the body

When dining out, a lot of people may feel that the food is often too greasy and unhealthy.
Here at HUGE, we have embarked on a unique initiative based on the ideas of wishing diners to enjoy
the natural taste and flavors of ingredients, and eat food that is more to the body.



on our natural "UMAMI" dishes.

Developing appealing menus
that bring out ingredients' real flavor

Much doubt surrounds the use of seasonings such as monosodium glutamate (which HUGE classifies as a chemical seasoning), and various views on its pros and cons can be found in both scientific literature and rumor.

However, compared to salt or oil, MSG is not subject to strict provisions or special regulations across the restaurant industry as a whole regarding usage amounts or physical effects. This is probably because many people just have a vague feeling that MSG is bad for them or wish to avoid it where possible because it is not a natural ingredient.

Similarly, the reason why we reject chemical seasonings is not because we think that they are bad for people.

After considering how to make more of ingredients' true tastes and how to help people enjoy their natural flavors, we decided to try avoiding chemical seasonings, which are an easy way of adding a certain level of taste. That's why we completely eliminated chemical seasonings and their key component MSG from the ingredients we use, including in processed and imported foods.

Many people may feel that flavor is lacking from some of the processed foods they are accustomed to, such as bacon, sausages, spicy cod roe, and dressings. However, what they are tasting is the real flavor of the ingredients, and our aim is to keep developing even more appealing and tastier dishes.

Please note that we also use no synthetic coloring, except in some imported ham.

低温圧搾抽出法油 トランス脂肪酸ゼロ


ZERO Trans Fat Oil

Cooking oil used at HUGE's restaurants is non trans fat,
with only the first pressing oil taken from non GMO ingredients
in the traditional cold extraction method

It is said that taking too much of trans fat, which is often contained in processed food such as shortening, cookie and snack confectionery, increases a risk of developing heart disease. In the US, because the cardiovascular disease is a primary cause of death, people are advised to reduce trans fat consumption.

On the other hand, the average intake of trans fat in Japan is lower than the World Health Organization's (WHO) standard level, so it is said that the effect on health is limited from a normal eating life. However, we have switched all the cooking oil used in all HUGE's restaurants zero trans fat oil. In addition, we only use the first pressing oil taken from non GMO ingredients in the traditional cold extraction method.

自然製法の塩 オーガニック砂糖



Natural Salt, Organic Sugar

We use only natural ingredients
without any refined sugar or salt

It is a fact of nature that natural salts and sugars are full of vitamins and minerals, and they provide a precursor for our primary energy source, which is an essential part of our diets as humans.

However, these days, eating foods that contain chemically modified forms of these essential nutritional elements, such as artificial white sugar or mineral-depleted refined salt, carries risks with over consumption.

We have, up to this point, held true to our goal of not using any MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), only using cold pressed oils that contain no trans fats, and including only natural, unrefined ingredients as much as possible in our cooking.

We do not use any refined sugar or salt in the cooking performed in any HUGE restaurants.




We use “πwater” for cooking water.

πwater is a purified water that contains an appropriate amount of minerals and oxygen, filtered through eight filters.
Fine water particles of πwater efficiently draw out the tastes of the ingredients at their fullest over the cooking process and it has been highly evaluated by many chefs.

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